olid Drug Development is a Strategic and Operational consultancy for the development of Biotech and Pharma products, pledged to streamline the process of drug development.

We form an effective strategic and operational consultancy for the development of biotech and pharmaceutical products. Operating from Geneva, Switzerland, we undertake the entire process of drug development – from laboratory to market.  We substantially increase the value of a project by expertly facilitating its movement from the lab to its animal and then clinical proof of concept. This allows the drug sponsor to invest in that particular project per se instead of spending money in building dedicated internal teams or infrastructures.  Such an approach greatly reduces costs and operational problems for young but also large pharmaceutical companies.

Our team is highly qualified and experienced. We have already successfully completed projects world-wide and are fast gaining a reputation as a dynamic, efficient and responsible company. Our core team consists of experts in every strata of development.  The trademark of Solid Drug Development is that our team members take ownership of every project, thus furnishing our clients with personalized, high-quality and cost-effective services.  

Jean-Marc Combette
President and CEO