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  "A GOAL WITHOUT A PLAN IS JUST A WISH" Antoine de Saint Exupery

At Solid Drug Development, we recognize that professional management of the Development Phase is crucial to the entire pharmaceutical process. Competence and Responsibility being our core values, we pride ourselves on being able to approach each new project with sensitivity and understanding.

At SDD, we follow a three-tiered approach to every new drug. We believe that it is possible to greatly enhance the value of any project if we:
  • IDENTIFY ? at a very early stage, the strengths and weaknesses of the drug candidate.
  • DEVELOP ? a robust Development Plan, keeping in mind the specifics of the drug.
  • REDUCE ? the risks of the project by understanding and working according to the specifics of the drug.

By implementing such a customized Development Plan, we are able to determine low-risk and fast paths to demonstrate the Biological Activity of the drug candidate in-vivo (animals / Humans). We are also able to confirm the real therapeutic value of a drug candidate.
Our flexible approach allows us to create exits for Management or Investors at different stages of the project.
Our three-tiered approach also enables us to identify synergistic products and therapeutic fields during the process. By gathering and collating all the data generated, we can help you by putting together an optimized product candidate portfolio.

In addition to these, we are constantly innovating and analyzing our methods and approaches so that we can continue to be assets to the bio-pharmaceutical industry.